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SubSonic, MVC and IronRuby

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Well Microsoft has been snatching up people from the .Net/ASP.Net community.  First Scott Hanselman, next Phil Haack and now Rob Conery.

I think Scott Guthrie has made some great decisions here.  Scott Hanselman’s blog is one of the most widely read in the .Net community. It’s certainly one of the most popular and he is a interesting and well thought out sort of guy. Scott did one of the first demos of the MVC framework at ALT.Net in Austin.

Phil Haack is now working on the MVC framework.  He has great ASP.Net experience and has a good following of readers as well.

I think Mr. Guthrie’s most interesting and exciting acquisition is Rob Conery of SubSonic fame.  I’ve had client projects in production with SubSonic since its 1.0.4 release and have enjoyed what it brings to the table. At 1.0.4 there were definitely some pieces that needed to be ironed out, but it is very stable at this point, version 2.0.3.

There are really two tools/tool suites that save me vast amounts of time in my web development.  SubSonic is definitely one of them. The other is not relevant here but happens to be Red Gate’s SQL tools.

So Rob is going to keep doing his open source work on that project which ironically is hosted on Google’s project site.  But I’m sure they are going to make it work well with the MVC framework.

I wonder how long Eric Kemp is safe considering he is Rob’s right hand man and has been doing much of the work on the SubSonic project?

The last piece, but certainly just as interesting and important here, is Microsoft’s hiring of John Lam to work on IronRuby.

So imagine what you’ll soon be able to do in VS 2008.  Set up a new MVC web project.  Use SubSonic(or another project) for your models, Phil, Scott Guthrie and others are building the support for views and controllers. Now you need the glue to pull this all together.  John Lam’s IronRuby will fit in here nicely and now the need for Ruby on Rails in the .Net world is greatly diminished.  Of course C# will work just fine as well.

I like what Ruby on Rails has done (I was just out at RailsConf in May), but if this MVC framework ends up being built well, we’ll have every thing we need without going outside of VS 2008.

I’m excited about the possibilities here.

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Written by Chris Sutton

November 2, 2007 at 9:28 am