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Virtual Earth V5

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About 4 years ago I did a lot of work with MapPoint on a commercial real estate site.  Once I was off that project I did very little mapping tools.  But I really enjoyed that project and working with mapping tools in particular.

So the other day I decided to spruce up a simple map on a client’s site, so I went straight to Google Maps.  I started to lookup the JavaScript that I needed to embed a map and add a couple of pushpins.  Then I went to register my base URL to do some testing and when I entered http://localhost:12345/Web the Google site kept crashing. 

So in my impatience I clicked over to the Virtual Earth MSDN site and realized that Virtual Earth is far easier to work with than MapPoint was three years ago(they have different uses so it’s not really fair to compare them).  With about 15-20 lines of JavaScript, Html and CSS I have a simple, clean map with a couple of pushpins showing on the map.  It couldn’t have been simpler and with such rich documentation and examples, it’ll be a breeze to finish that map.

Here are a couple of links to get you started:




Written by Chris Sutton

September 11, 2007 at 8:51 pm

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