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Solon Public Library

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If you live near Solon, Iowa you’ll want to check out the Solon Public Library.  It is a good facility and has plenty of resources. There is a great audio book library that I use frequently for my 1/2 hour commute up to work. There are meeting/study rooms that your group or club can use for meetings.

There are a whole set of computers that you can use on a timed basis if you don’t have one at home. If you have a laptop there is a free wireless connection that you can connect to as well.

For children, there are Storytime and Babygarten programs weekly.

They are also in envisioning phase of building out the facility and services.  It’ll be interesting to see what new things the library will bring to the Solon Community.

Written by Chris Sutton

March 26, 2008 at 11:13 am

The Stories of English

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My current reading includes The Stories of English.  It is written by David Crystal a well known linguist who has written volumes on the English Language.

Most books on English recount the progression of what we typically learn in school, typically called Standard English. This books tells the story of the non-standard and fringe developments that helped make English what it is today.

It starts way back with English’s Germanic roots and progresses up to modern day.  I never realized how much influence the Scandinavians had on English and how few words in English actually have Celtic roots.  I’m currently only 100 pages into the book with another ~400 to go, but it is definitely holding my attention.

Written by Chris Sutton

May 31, 2007 at 7:58 pm

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