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Cold Warm Hot GPS

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Nice, xkcd has done it again.

Written by Chris Sutton

April 7, 2008 at 10:37 pm

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Twin Cities Code Camp IV

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Yesterday, I was in the Cities at the fourth Twin Cities Code Camp.  It really was a fantastic experience, likely the the best one yet (I presented at the first two code camps as well). From the presentations I attended I would say that the quality of the presentations was very high. They easily would rival what you get at a paid conference. I also met a bunch of people I had never seen in person which is really cool.

Some of the Iowa crowd that went up was Javier Lozano, Bryan Sampica and Greg Wilson. There were several other attendees from Bryan’s company as well. The Iowa presenters and attendees have grown significantly since the first one where I was the sole Iowan as far as I know.

Some interesting people I met/saw were D’Arcy Lussier, Neil Iverson (Inetium), Brandy Favilla (New Horizons), Robert Boedigheimer, Chris Williams (Magenic), Aaron Erickson (Magenic), Kent Tegels (DevelopMentor), Jeff Ferguson, Chris Johnson, Saviz Artang, John Thurow, Kirstin (Magenic), Nicole and Kristen (New Horizons) and Justin Chase.

My favorite session was Neil Iverson’s PowerShell for Developers.  It was a fast paced live demo that kept incrementally building.  Rarely have I been so engaged in a session. D’Arcy’s MVC vs ASP.Net talk was also really interesting.  We only had about 6 people in the session, so we went around the room and said where we were coming from in our ASP.Net development experience. Then D’Arcy showed us how he typically structures his webforms applications, and we peppered him with questions.  I learned a lot from the session.

My talk was the second of the day in the large seminar room so we actually had about 50 people in the session.  One thing that was cool was that D’Arcy Lussier did an intro talk right before mine, so I got to build off of what he did in the session before. Mine seemed to go pretty well. There were a lot of questions and interest in what MVC brings to web development in the Microsoft space.

Jason Bock did a great job again bringing this all together.  It’s a lot of work coordinating an event like this.

If you liked what you got at the Twin Cities Code Camp you’ll definitely want to check out the Iowa Code Camp.  We’ll be a little bit smaller, but have some top notch presenters, a great facility and will have great prizes as well.  The registration is right on the home page and is as simple as it gets.

Written by Chris Sutton

April 6, 2008 at 9:27 pm

PowerShell File Search

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If you are looking for a file or directory in your file system try something simple like this:

dir -recurse -filter *power* | sort name | ft directory, name

dir is an alias to the Get-ChildItem cmdlet – it does pretty much what it did in the DOS world (and more). The -recurse parameter looks in subdirectories as you might expect. -filter lets you pass in a file or directory name or pattern. sort name … well you can figure this out.  ft directory, name is an alias to the Format-Table cmdlet and it lets you decide what columns you want in the table that gets outputted.

Here is a slightly more powerful expression:

dir -recurse | ?{$_.name -match “^*.jpg|gif$”} | sort name | ft directory, name

With this expression you can do comparisons on specific fields. Here I’m doing a regex pattern match for all files that end with jpg or gif. ? is an alias to the Where-Object cmdlet. where is also an alias to Where-Object and might be more readable than ?.

Written by Chris Sutton

April 1, 2008 at 7:49 pm

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