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ILT MOC and E-Learning

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Yesterday I was talking with an ex-MSL employee about Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) and E-Learning. During our discussion the suggestion came up that ILT MOC doesn’t have to be really well presented (as opposed to E-Learning) because a good trainer/MCT can create a good experience regardless of the quality of the courseware.  With E-Learning what a student sees and hears in the course is their full experience so it has to shine(which I don’t think E-Learning achieves and it has struggled accordingly).

My take on this – I suspect that this opinion isn’t a spoken one at MSL, but can imagine that this attitude is prevalent regardless.  Labs are typically marginally relevant, they hit the right topic generally, but frequently don’t illustrate the concepts well.  Next Gen MOC seems to be stripping much out of the actual printed courseware and pushing it onto the CD. Personally I’m 10 times more likely to look at a book as opposed to loading up book CD content. 5 years down the road the CD might be a better choice if screen readers are more common.

So I agree that the MCT/trainer is 90% of the experience, but I don’t think that should ever be an excuse for producing less than excellent courseware.

Written by Chris Sutton

April 19, 2008 at 10:41 am

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