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Better Firefox Memory Management

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Most of the time Firefox 2 has been a great browser (I use FF2, IE7 and Opera9 for the record). The issue I kept having was that if I didn’t completely close out of an instance of Firefox every day or so its memory usage went through the roof. 

Now Process Explorer shows the private bytes up to 200+ megs when I have a lot of tabs open, but when I close down old tabs, the memory usage comes back down proportional to how much I’m doing with Firefox.  This is what you would expect. 

Before it would creap up to 250 megs and would just keep climbing even if I went back down to a single tab.

The only changes on my system that have happened between a couple of months ago and now are these: 1)Firefox was reved to   2) I installed Firefox 3 Beta 1 for a time and then uninstalled it and Firefox 2 and then reinstalled Firefox 2. I’m guessing that Firefox finally fixed some memory issues. 

Anybody else experience this?

Written by Chris Sutton

January 8, 2008 at 11:47 am

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