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ASP.Net MVC and the developer divide

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Mads Kristensen says that the MVC is cool, but that it will divide the community.  Novice and hobby developers will go with the current ASP.Net system and more experienced developers will go to the MVC.

I think he is right.  It will cause a divide, but the benefits of having a real MVC framework will far outweigh the division of developers into these two camps.  The experienced developers will know both well and the beginners will have to realize that they have more to learn.

Many very experienced developers will likely not just move over to the MVC framework any way. They may have 5-6 years of work invested in their current system and it won’t necessarily be beneficial to rewrite them. 

I also think that since so many experienced developer have such deep knowledge bases in the current postback model they likely won’t start new work in the MVC framework.  It’ll just be too much new learning that they can already do effectively in they current way of doing things.

As for me, I have a government client that is moving from Cold Fusion and wants to jump right up to the MVC framework.  I’m excited about this and think they are making a good choice.

Written by Chris Sutton

November 2, 2007 at 8:21 am

Posted in Technology

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