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Twin Cities Code Camp Follow-up

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I did my first Code Camp talk last weekend up in the Cities and had a great time. My time slot was 9am and it was in a huge seminar room (which caught me a little off guard). I was envisioning a smaller more intimate setting maybe 15 people, but I ended up with 30+. I got good feedback from many of the people who attended and I’ve adjusted my talk to really show the value of WPF more clearly. I’m improving the demos to get to point a little quicker and cutting back on the time I spend talking about the background to WPF.

To be honest, working with WPF makes me want to do Windows programming for the first time. I’ve done mostly web development for the last 7 years, so it pretty cool to find a new way to develop for the desktop and have it change my bias toward the web. The whole stateless nature of the the web and web development has always made sense to me but I’m coming around.

The quality of the the speakers I listened to was fantastic. For the price of the Code Camp ($0) I can’t say enough good things about the quality of the speakers. I got to present in the same room as Rocky Lhotka (only 7 hours earlier :)). If you are interested in intelligent business objects and you work in the .Net world you really should look at his CSLA framework. I’ve been reading his blog and books for about 3 years now and have learned a lot from him.

Nathaniel Schutta‘s AJAX talk was great. I only got to talk with him briefly, but got a better view of what is going on with AJAX and got a great overview of the players involved (dojo, Google Web Toolkit, etc).

Jake Good is a Rails developer up in Minneapolis for Space 150. I think Jake’s talk was the most entertaining, I got to see some good Ruby integration with the CLR, the hybrid monster and hear about Guitar Hero.

Michael Dunn gave a good talk on the Microsoft Speech technologies. I probably won’t use it any time soon, but it was pretty cool to see what it can do.

The best talk I heard was Robert Boedigheimer‘s talk on cryptography. He was presenting out at the Heartland Developers Conference, but I missed his talks so this was the first time I had heard him. His knowledge of the topic, clarity and the ease of his talk was top notch.

Big thanks to Jason Bock for organizing and coordinating the Code Camp. Maybe we’ll have one in Iowa next year.


Written by Chris Sutton

November 17, 2006 at 2:33 am